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Unbelievable Opportunity

 Live Room Escape Games

We all love fun; who doesn’t? But we are always seeking out the next thrill, the next challenge, the great opportunity of our time. The Designers of the Live Room Escape game had this in mind when the idea was born. For this reason, the outcome is nothing less than a masterpiece; simultaneously juggling thrill and fear, fun and challenge. Our intricate puzzles have won us the praise of thousands of satisfied customers, and the moniker of “The Puzzle Masters”. We take thrills and fun to the next level!

Like a sweltering bush fire, the good news is spreading. Recently, the #1 Up and coming recreational activity in Europe has been spreading. Its name is the Live Room Escape, and in the short span of 4 years has addicted Europe. The Live Room Escape has led to scores of happy customers, and even happier entrepreneurs. Those who seized the opportunity have found fertile ground for profit.

Of course, this is not all merely talk. The comments across the site show the dozens of engaged, satisfied customers who have already experience the room escape who have encouraged others to come and enjoy this phenomenal new game. The roots and success of this business is seen throughout Europe, as Budapest, London, Berlin, Paris, and Rome have all seen the growth of the Live Escape Room. Sydney and Tokyo both prove that this is not a localized phenomenon, no, it is a global model that has potential for growth anywhere. Ask TripAdvisor where the most highly rated recreational activities are and it will point directly at the Room Escape Games. We are the first, the most experienced, and the most qualified live room escape game designers in America. We have people queuing by the dozens just to get a taste of the action. This is the defining business opportunity of our time.


  IMG_1625  IMG_1522IMG_1637  IMG_1522IMG_1522IMG_1601

Escape Room Game is a great Business Opportunity for any entrepreneur

You could use the available, unused space you have and turn it into a goldmine; size and location are not critical as clients will come on appointment.

With us you can enjoy:

  • Low Initial Capital Investment
  • Sales and Marketing Assistance
  • Training
  • Game Packages
  • Administrative Assistance
  • Business Development Support

 If you have have been looking to the future for a highly profitable venture then look no further, this is the defining business opportunity of the future with a wealth of space to grow.
Motels, hotels, and bar owners, practically anyone with a spare room has a niche opportunity here too.

Additionally, your existing business may even become a side venture once you seen how profitable this new idea is. Our mission here is to help you start, help you run, and help you secure your place in a market with massive upside potential.

Which business minded person doesn’t understand the inherent benefits of a monopoly? No competitors, no alternatives, and a unique, diversified product. This is a new, exclusive business that will get you clients.

Within a short operating period you will have earned back your initial capital. Don’t just take our word for it, look at our own story. In under six months the entire initial capital cost was recouped, with profit consistently rolling in year after prosperous year. You don’t need a hall or a giant warehouse to get started.

We provide optimized, proven, and tested games to earn you maximum profit. By doing so we ensure your customers will have fun and are entertained to their fullest. Our games are designed to have the best flow and not to make players frustrated, bored, agitated, or seem too easy or hard.

We help you design the layout; provide the games and the necessary technical needs. Additionally, we provide you with the marketing knowledge and the experience necessary to drive your business and ensure maximal exposure within a matter of weeks.


Some of our happy customers in the U.S. using our games in:

Texas (2)
Florida (3)
South Carolina
New York
Washington DC
And more coming…

 Our games have been earning  EXCELLENT reviews on Tripadvisor and Yelp.

Please contact us for more detailed information. 

Many Well Tested and Proven Themes to Chose From for the Most Reasonable Prices You Can Find!

Custom Theme Designs are also Available!



Don’t wait, contact us with any and all questions and prospects.

Room Escape Games


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